VoIP Hosted Telephony (IP Cortex)

Hosted Voice telephony Maintenance - 12/12/2020 - 22:00 - CHG00034111 (1 of 6) - Maintenance completed

Start: Sat, Dec 12th 2020, 22:00
End: Sun, Dec 13th 2020, 03:00

Dear Customer,

Please be advised that planned maintenance in regards to IP Cortex backup location change will happen across the dates below:

12th to the 17th December - 22:00 - 03:00 (5 hour window per night)

Affected product: IP Cortex Virtual Machine instances.

The maintenance itself has a 5 hour window per night and is part of works to install VMware tools on each Virtual machine to change the backup location and frequency to a more resilient off platform service.

To role this out the plan of works are below. To streamline the process 1 period of downtime is required on the 12th where the Virtual machines will be powered down.

The length of downtime is wholly based on the VM size, in lab and production testing this is 30 minutes at the most.

12th December - Power off the Virtual machines in sequence and add a virtual CD-ROM drive, then power back on the device and install VMware tools. During this window each VM will have a varying amount of downtime whilst a disk check happens on the VM power up.
13th - 17th December - Configure VMware Tools across the estate via a pre-defined script - no impact expected.

Risk: Medium, this has been fully tested on platform and in a lab environment, but due to the nature of the change and downtime, services are deemed at risk for the duration of the works.

Rollback Plan: Revert to previous config and/or snapshots.

If you encounter any issues during or after the maintenance window above, please call into the VOIP team on 01618222580 opt 1, opt 3 or email VOIP-Ticket@m247.com.

M247 apologies for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Kind Regards,

M247 Support.